Parsippany is in dire need of new leadership to provide residents with open, honest and accountable government.  Combining extensive private and public sector management and business experience, Michael Soriano, Janice McCarthy and Emily Peterson plan to shift the focus of the municipal administration away from concern for the political class, and back to the residents of Parsippany.  With an eye towards boosting the local economy to help alleviate the property tax burden on homeowners and renters, their campaign is premised on three basic steps:

  • Ending Wasteful Spending - While important programs such as funding for the Mount Tabor Library are on the administration's chopping block, Parsippany's attorney's fees are nearly double that of similarly sized towns in the State of New Jersey.  This is just one example of incredible bloat in our municipal budget.
  • Increasing Ratables - Dozens of office buildings and strip malls throughout Parsippany remain heavily vacated.  Without businesses filling this space, the burden of property taxes has shifted heavily to the homeowner and renter.  A new vision, built on support from Parsippany's business community and committed citizens, is needed to shift that burden away from residents.
  • Demanding a Dollar's Worth of Value for Every Tax Dollar Spent - Municipal services should be efficient and cost-effective, without concern for the needs of the politically connected.  Value stems from balancing cost with quality to make Parsippany an affordable and desirable place to live.

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